CIGS - Solar Technology

Thin film solar technologies can be deposited on flexible or light substrates

CIGS - Solar Technology

Thin film photovoltaics have been shown to be much less expensive to produce in larger volume.

CIGS - Solar Technology

U.S. PhotovoltaicManufacturingConsortium

Introducing the Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium

PVMC is an industry-led consortium that helps the solar industry solve problems, seize opportunities, and accelerate development to reduce time to market.

PVMC provides solutions to solar energy's most pressing challenges through a simple formula: collaboration, innovation and excellence. We help industry invent solutions to accelerate solar innovation.

Since our founding, PVMC has evolved with the burgeoning solar industry to serve collaborative consortia groups spanning the entire solar value chain, ranging from materials characterization to system interconnection and operation.

As a result, our project portfolio is diverse and deep, enabling us to serve clients with capabilities that span consulting, new product development, manufacturing and scale up, field validation, and grid integration.

Service Areas

  • New Products and Systems
  • Performance and Operations
  • Manufacturing and Scale-up
  • Grid Integration and Optimization

Success Factors

PVMC’s success is based on it’s collaborative approach, thought leadership, technical depth and locality within the SUNY Polytechnic Institute Albany NanoTech Complex.

PVMC is a testament to how SUNY Poly is redefining collaborative innovation with a proven approach to team building and solution-focused research, development, entrepreneurship, and technology deployment.

Ways to Work with PVMC

  • Consortium Memberships
  • Individual Technical Services
  • Specialized Team Building

PVMC is part of an unmatched ecosystem for leading- edge R&D and commercialization that has more than $43 billion in investments, 300 corporate partners, and 4,000 scientists, researchers, engineers, students, faculty, and staff. Other innovation centers and industry collaborations under the SUNY Poly umbrella include:

  • Central New York Hub for Emerging Nano Industries
  • Computer Chip Commercialization Center
  • High-Tech Manufacturing Innovation Hub at RiverBend
  • Information Technologies Innovation and Commercialization Hub
  • Medical Innovation and Commercialization Hub
  • New York Power Electronics Manufacturing Consortium
  • Smart Cities Technology Innovation Center
  • Smart System Technology and Commercialization Center

Founding Organizations

The U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium (PVMC) is a partnership between SEMATECH and SUNY Polytechnic Institute and was launched as part of the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot initiative.


At SEMATECH, we work with our members and partners to reduce the time from innovation to manufacturing. Our role is to address critical challenges in advanced technology and manufacturing effectiveness, and to find ways to speed development, reduce costs, share risks, and increase productivity.

The mission of the Department of Energy is to ensure America's security and prosperity by addressing its energy, environmental, and nuclear challenges through transformative science and technology solutions.

The College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering (CNSE) is the first college in the world dedicated to education, research, development, and deployment in the emerging disciplines of nanoscience, nanoengineering, nanobioscience, and nanoeconomics.