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July, 2016

download presentations button5th Annual c-Si PVMC Workshop

The theme of this year's workshop was "Advanced c-Si Wafering Technologies and Processing Challenges”. Experts from industry and academia discussed challenges associated with advanced c-Si wafering from various perspective: silicon materials, wafer production, cell and module manufacturing, and module reliability. Critical challenges – both in the near-term (1-3 years) and in the long-term (4 years or more) – were identified and subsequently ranked in real-time

The presentations are available for download. Please contact the c-Si feedstock/wafering program manager directly at Hubert.Seigneur@uspvmc.org in order to obtain the Pareto ranking of critical challenges.

September 2015

Commercial and Industrial Solar Breakthrough Summit

The C&I Solar Breakthrough Summit will convene leading industry and research experts to identify possible pathways and innovative approaches to expand the commercial solar market. The Summit builds on the findings of the U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium's (PVMC) Thought Leadership Forum, held at Intersolar North America 2015. The Summit will feature a mix of panels and small break-out groups to address issues encountered throughout the life a C&I project, including origination, installation, and operation and maintenance.

The Breakthrough Summit is hosted by the U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium, the U.S. Department of Energy's SunShot Initiative and the Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA).

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July, 2015

download presentations button2015 Thought Leadership Forum: Applying Moonshot Thinking to the Commercial & Industrial Solar Market

The U.S. Photovoltaic Manufacturing Consortium (PVMC), together with the U.S. Department of Energy’s SunShot Initiative, organized the first PVMC Thought Leadership Forum, a gathering of solar executives and thought leaders focused on Applying Moonshot Thinking to the Commercial & Industrial Solar Market. The event took place July 15, 2015, in San Francisco, CA. The focus of the Forum was twofold: first, to discuss common challenges and collaborative approaches to tackle market hurdles; secondly, in the spirit of SunShot, ask the question, “how can moonshot thinking expand the set of solutions and accelerate the entire solar industry?” Discussions coalesced around five themes:

1. Moonshot Thinking & Solar Innovation
2. Increasing the Size of the “Available” C&I Market
3. Streamlining the Interconnection & Permitting Process
4. Streamlining the Customer Acquisition Process
5. Financing

An outcomes document is available for download.


download presentations button2015 c-Si PVMC Workshop

Held in conjunction with Intersolar North America, participants came together to discuss how metrology can solve problems facing the c-Si PV supply chain. The scope of the workshop included perspectives from feedstock production, crystallization, wafering, cell manufacturing, module manufacturing, and the deployment and long-term performance of modules in the field. An aggregated list of challenges and opportunities for metrology was generated and is included in the final report.

April, 2015

download presentations buttonPV Module Lifetime Modeling Workshop

Brookhaven National Laboratories and the PVMC held a workshop on PV module lifetime modeling for the purpose of understanding how the microscopic level investigations into c-Si module wear out can be incorporated into modeling that will provide realistic module lifetimes. The workshop gathered the perspectives from PV module manufacturers, engineering and modeling communities, and the analytical scientists that drive the microscopic analysis that describe the wear out mechanisms. Gaps were identified to help the community move to more reliable modeling outcomes.

July, 2014

download presentations buttonDiamond Wire Saw Workshop (at Intersolar NA)

Held in conjunction with Intersolar NA, diamond wire saw (DWS) experts across the wafer supply chain presented. Multiple subject areas associated with implementing DWS in high volume solar manufacturing were discussed, and a list of near-term/far-term challenges was generated.

June, 2014

download presentations button3rd annual Standards Development Organization Forum

Held in conjunction with IEEE PVSC 40, Photovoltaic standards developers and stakeholder organizations met to inform the photovoltaic standards community on recent activities within their organizations. SEMI, TUV/Rhineland, IEC, Solar ABCs, ASTM, UL, International Module Quality Assurance Task Force, U.S. TAG, California Fire and California Energy presented. An identification of standards gaps and overlaps was included in the Forum.


May, 2014

download presentations buttonDOE SunShot Initiative Grand Challenges Summit

PVMC’s poster and the c-Si program brochure distributed at this DOE sponsored event. Summarizes current PVMC focus areas and details c-Si program content.


download presentations buttonESTECH 2014

PVMC's presentation at ESTECH 2014, an annual cleanrooms conference sponsored by IEST, titled "Electrostatic Charge/Discharge Challenges in c-Si PV Manufacturing". The presentation provides an overview of the U.S. PVMC and reviews a typical c-Si cell and module manufacturing process. The presentation references the electrostatic content found in existing semiconductor/photovoltaic roadmaps and standards. A proposal is included for a U.S. PVMC electrostatics project.

April, 2014

download presentations buttonSurface Preparation and Cleaning Conference (SPCC 2014)

PVMC's presentation titled "Surface Preparation Challenges in Crystalline Silicon (c-Si) Photovoltaic Manufacturing"


July, 2013

download presentations buttonInfrared Thermography Workshop

The IRT workshop will focus on applications, standards, best known methods (BKM), innovation, curriculum, training and other IRT content specifically tailored towards photovoltaic systems.


July, 2013

download presentations button2nd Annual c-Si Workshop

During the c-Si workshop PV manufacturers will share their current needs and challenges in the areas of feedstock, wafering, and metrology as well as identify the current barriers to mainstream manufacturing.


June, 2013

download presentations button2nd Annual Standards Development Organization Forum

The SDO Forum is a US PVMC event organized in collaboration with ASTM International, IEC, International PV Module QA Task Force, SEMI, Solar ABCs, and UL. The scope of the SDO forum includes, but is not limited to, standards related to wafers, cells, modules, balance-of-system components and system integration, as well as standards for process materials/chemicals, measurement techniques and test methods.


January, 2013

download presentations buttonBOS Working Group Meeting

U.S. PVMC BOS working group meeting. SEMATECH (ISMI) programs are presented to establish types of information shared by members participating in SEMATECH working groups, Councils and Forums. Member share templates for upcoming benchmark meeting on module and power electronics test, certification and standards are proposed.


November, 2012

PVMC Technical Webinar: Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Thin Film PV

The University of Toledo, Professor of Physics and NEG Chair in Silicate and Materials Science Dr. Robert Collins will provide an online technical presentation on the use of spectroscopic ellipsometry (SE) for thin film photovoltaics (PV), from the R&D level to the manufacturing scale. Real-time SE can provide insight into the optical, electronic property evolution, dielectric function of thin films during film fabrication. Mapping SE can be used to evaluate the uniformity of thickness and other layer properties in full scale completed modules and PV panels during manufacturing. Regardless of the scale at which you work with PV, please join us in listening to Dr. Collins explain how SE is of value to the PV industry as a whole, from laboratory R&D to commercial manufacturing.

Hosted by: Alain Diebold, Empire Innovation Professor of Nanoscale Science; Executive Director, Center for Nanoscale Metrology; Executive Director, NC3


October, 2012

download presentations button BOS working group to review Challenges Pareto and
working group focus areas

Challenges in BOS, advanced module design and power electronics were listed during workshops at Intersolar NA 2012 (July, San Francisco, CA), and Solar Power International - SPI 2012 (September, Orlando, FL). This BOS workshop reports on the Pareto results of those challenges, and proposes the focus of the U.S. PVMC BOS working group.



Attendees of the Workshop:

  • Heard from R&D leaders about the state of the art
  • Heard from industry leaders on their needs and gaps
  • Openly discussed how we as a group can bridge cutting-edge research with the needs of the industry in a collaborative open-innovation model that benefits U.S. PV manufacturing
  • Networked with like-minded peers and collaborators throughout the U.S. CIGS PV supply chain

September, 2012

download presentations button USPVMC's Solar ABCs discussion at the 2012 Solar ABCs Annual Stakeholder Meeting

The Solar ABCs held its 6th annual Stakeholder Meeting in Orlando, Florida on September 14, 2012 and provided PV stakeholders with an updated review of Solar ABCs projects plus current activities of other organizations developing PV codes and standards.

Additional information about the 6th Annual Solar ABCs Annual Stakeholder Meeting (external link)
can be found here.


download presentations button BOS and Power Electronics Workshop

Solicitation from PV industry experts of the challenges facing Advanced Module, BOS and Power Electronics. Workshop will review the recently published Challenges Pareto, generated at the Intersolar NA2012 Advanced Module and Power Electronics Workshop. We will add challenge inputs from the more diverse PV stakeholders attending SPI. The goal is to further refine the U.S. PVMC BOS programs under the DOE SunShot Initiative to meet DOE goals.


July, 2012

download presentations button c-Si Working Group Joint Meeting on Roadmaps

This face-to-face meeting, hosted by the US PVMC, will follow the NREL 22nd Workshop on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells & Modules: Materials and Processes in Vail, Colorado. The focus will be on crystalline silicon (c-Si) technology roadmaps. The primary goals of this meeting are to (1) discuss the recent progress in roadmaps and assess their relevance to the U.S. PV industry, (2) identify key elements of “successful” roadmaps and develop a strategy for industry adoption/support, and (3) provide stakeholders with a better understanding of how the c-Si U.S. PVMC can facilitate, coordinate and spearhead roadmap-related activities moving forward, with the intent to augment and support existing efforts, rather than duplicate them.


download presentations button PVMC c-Si Metrology Workshop

Metrology is a critical element in both manufacturing and technology development. Improvements in metrology for crystalline silicon (c-Si) photovoltaics (PV) have played an important role in increasing efficiency and driving down production costs. Moving forward, there are wide range of challenges and opportunities associated with c-Si PV metrology.


PV R&D Research Consortia - Global Insights and Activities

Ross Goodman, CNSE Assistant Vice President, Business Development and Economic Outreach, will be speaking on the topic of Global PV R&D Research.


Second Annual US CIGS PV Roadmap Public Forum

This event is sponsored by the PVMC and hosted by SEMI PV Group. The afternoon session will open with a welcome from the roadmap leadership team (Larry Kazmerski, Joe Laia, and Dick Swanson) and their vision and expectations of this new effort followed by presentations addressing the six roadmap focus topics: roll-to-roll, rigid glass, substrates and materials, modules and packaging, metrology, and reliability/certification/test. Participation from the industry public is encouraged and an interactive audience feedback/input session will be included as part of this meeting.


download presentations button Advanced Module Design Workshop

This workshop will be an exercise to list and rank the challenges associated with implementing advanced photovoltaic module and power electronic designs. U.S. PVMC Balance of Systems programs will be developed that address the industry challenges identified and ranked as an output of this workshop.


download presentations button PVMC c-Si Feedstock/Wafering Workshop

With silicon feedstock and wafer costs making up as much as 61% of the cost of a final PV module, the crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV industry has investigated ways to lower cost in order to achieve cost competitiveness. In addition, thinner Si wafers together with kerfless wafering methods and c-Si recycling are of considerable interest in an effort to increase the utilization efficiency of polysilicon. There is still a limitation in the fundamental understanding of how the lower quality material and thinner/kerfless wafers ultimately affect efficiency and yield when manufacturing c-Si solar cells and modules.


3rd Annual SEMI North American PV Fab Managers Forum

Dr. Pradeep Haldar, CNSE Vice President for Clean Energy, will be speaking on the topic of Manufacturer Responses – Outlook for 2012/2013 from the Nexus of the Supply Chain.


June, 2012

download presentations button Joint c-Si WG Meeting on Standards Development
(38th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference)

The primary goals of the meeting were for the c-Si U.S. PVMC to formally introduce itself to the standards development organizations (SDO) and standards affiliated organizations (SAO), and then to identify the most effective ways for the c-Si U.S. PVMC to interact with these organizations.