Download the Presentations from the
PV Module Lifetime Modeling Workshop (Orlando, FL)

April, 2015

Brookhaven National Laboratories and the PVMC held a workshop on PV module lifetime modeling for the purpose of understanding how the microscopic level investigations into c-Si module wear out can be incorporated into modeling that will provide realistic module lifetimes. The workshop gathered the perspectives from PV module manufacturers, engineering and modeling communities, and the analytical scientists that drive the microscopic analysis that describe the wear out mechanisms. Gaps were identified to help the community move to more reliable modeling outcomes.

Title Presenter Company
Logistics and Flow for the Event Joseph Walters U.S. PVMC
Welcome from the PVMC Winston Schoenfeld U.S. PVMC
Welcome from BNL and Workshop Intent Alessandra Colli Brookhaven National Labs
State of PV Reliability - Acclerated Testing and Field Observations Shuying Yang SunEdison
General Overview of Reliability Concerns Mukul Agrawal SunPower
PID Lifetime Model Max Kontopp Hanwha Q CELL
Reliability Modeling - Lessons Learned from Defense Industry Ajay Raghavan PARC
Temporal Analytics and Semi-gSEM modeling of PV Module Lifetime: A Degradation Science Approach Roger French Case Western Reserve University
Bottom Up/Top Down Approaches Christopher Muhlstein Georgia Institute of Technology
Stress at Interfaces Pat Looney Brookhaven National Labs
Cracks Formation – Tracking From Cell to Module Hubert Segneur University of Central Florida
Subcritical Crack Growth Christopher Muhlstein Georgia Institute of Technology
Interconnection and Crack Formations (Stress Testing) Larry Pratt CFV Solar Testing, Inc.
IV – What the Curve Tells You Ron Sinton Sinton Instrument
Cell and Module Measurement Methodology – Measurements and What It Tells You Kris Davis U.S. PVMC
In-line Crack Detection Methodology Sergie Ostapenko Ultrasonic Technologies
Perspective of Short Term and Long Term Goals Michael Bolen Department of Energy's Solar Energy Technology Office
X-ray Based Techniques for Microstructure Determination in Solar Cells and Modules Mike Toney Standford Synchrotron Radiation Lightsource
Electromicroscopy – Cracks in Silicon Eric Stach Brookhaven National Labs
Strain Stress X-ray Klaus Attenkofer Brookhaven National Labs
PVLife Mukul Agrawal SunPower
Service Life Prediction Through the Quality Management System Tiim Silverman NREL
Summary Notes from Presentations and Discussions Group Discussions Group