PVMC c-Si Feedstock/
Wafering Workshop Materials for Download

July 10, 2012

With silicon feedstock and wafer costs making up as much as 61% of the cost of a final PV module, the crystalline silicon (c-Si) PV industry has investigated ways to lower cost in order to achieve cost competitiveness. In addition, thinner Si wafers together with kerfless wafering methods and c-Si recycling are of considerable interest in an effort to increase the utilization efficiency of polysilicon. There is still a limitation in the fundamental understanding of how the lower quality material and thinner/kerfless wafers ultimately affect efficiency and yield when manufacturing c-Si solar cells and modules.

Title Presenter Company
c-Si PVMC Brief Overview W. Schoenfeld c-Si PVMC
PV Polysilicon and Wafering Industry – Supply Chain and Market Updates M. Lentz PVMC
Developments of Solar Grade Silicon at SRI A. Sanjurjo SRI International
Future Requirements for Advanced Wafering in the c-Si Solar Industry B. Ames Applied Materials
Non-Contact Handling To Maximize Quality and Yield J. Zimmerman ZS-Handling GmbH
MeV Implanter for Solar B. Park twin creeks technologies
Thin Crystalline Si PV: Growth, Cell Process and Module Integration Q. Wang NREL
Beam-Induced Cleaving Technology for Kerf-Free c-Si PV Wafering F. Henley Silicon Genesis Corporation
U.S. PVMC Report 2012 Crystalline Silicon Feedstock and Wafering Workshop H. Seigneur PVMC