The U.S. CIGS Photovoltaic Roadmap Teams

Membership Philosophy

A critical success factor in any roadmapping effort is broad inclusion of its members to ensure complimentary knowledge. In this way, considerations from all aspects of the industry add credibility to the discussions and dialog. The U.S. CIGS PV Roadmap members represent all areas of the industry — module producers and integrators, suppliers for equipment, materials and metrology tools, end-users, and the research community.

The Roadmap Working Groups (RWGs)

These teams are the heart and soul of the roadmapping effort. Their knowledge is most valuable in determining the most critical challenges, and opportunities for innovation to enable the US CIGS roadmap industry to achieve grid parity by reducing the cost per watt by 75% by 2020.

The RWGs are the authors of the various manufacturing roadmaps. Each team is comprised of experts to assess and project the technologies needed by a given timeframe to ensure success throughout the PV industry. Please contact us if you are interested in participating in this effort as a roadmap working group member.

The Roadmap Executive Steering Committee (RESC)

  • Provides leadership and guidance
  • Sets the roadmap timeframe and general topics
  • Defines roadmap policies and principles
  • Sets roadmap report guidelines
  • RESC members are roadmap champions within the industry
Three leading solar industry executives are directing the activities and decisions of the RESC and guiding roadmap working groups.